Yes, that's me. Don't be afraid - I don't like this picture either, but I don't like any picture of me ;)


Philipp Lonke
Rosengartenstrasse 10
63755 Alzenau

I absolutely prefer email!


Mmm... I don't like spreading my number
all over the world, so if you
want to contact me, mail me.

I'm very interested in new answering
machine messages just because I own one ;)
So, if you have some, feel free to contact me and
to exchange them with some of mine!


Yes, actually you can reach me via EMail - my adress is

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My Computer ... Listen to him

Yep, I'm a freak. Sure, you won't have spent THAT much money in your machine?

What I program ...

And ... guess in which language I code?? Yes, right: I use BlitzBasic2!

Yes, I'm a scout

I'm a member of the german scout association DPSG since 1987. I participated on many exchanges with french, polish and american scouts. Right now I'm leader of a webeloes group.

The end

That's all for now ... I hope to get some comments from you about this homepage! c u l8er ;)